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Dr. Pana and Barbara

Dr. Pana and Barbara

Hello Readers!  I’m excited to announce my partnership with oral systemic dentist- Dr. Alireza Panahpour.  I will be working for and with Dr. Panahpour on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in his Bellevue, Washington office as his dental hygienist/periodontal therapist/myofunctional therapist, alongside an incredible dental team, including Maria and Kimberly, the smiling faces you see first.  It’s exciting to have  a dentist with a philosophy similar to mine!

Dr. Panahpour is on the forefront of dental prevention, treating the cause of disease instead of just the symptoms- this is dentistry beyond drill’em, fill’em and yank’em.  He specializes in looking at the entire mouth-body connection.  He uses gentle air abrasion instead of the dental drill to remove tooth decay, as well as ozone to treat infection.  He sees children! (Wouldn’t you prefer your child have gentle air abrasion instead of needles and drilling?)   He monitors bacteria and other pathogens.  He’s got a 3-D x-ray, lasers and many other high tech instruments.  All my favorite tools, products and philosophies in one office.

As many of my fabulous, faithful readers know, I am passionate about oral health.  I constantly talk about how important it is to treat and prevent oral diseases caused by gum disease, tooth decay, bad breath, and even breathing problems and sleep apnea.  I am a total dental hygiene geek, I fully admit it.  (I read dental journals in my spare time.)  Finding a fellow dental geek is like finding a patient who actually flosses, 😉 !  I am deep into readings that Dr. Panahpour has already given me.  He and I are excited to team up and offer you the next level of oral health care.  It’s time to close the gap between the medical and dental professions, and work together toward total body wellness.  Dr. Panahpour understands these connections and has many other health professionals he partners with to find the causes of health issues, and help you on your journey towards health.

Elizabeth,  Allison, Dr. Pana and Barbara, ready to help you!

Elizabeth,  Allison, Dr. Pana and Barbara, ready to help you!


To Dr. Pana’s patients- I’m excited to meet all of you!  I’ve been a dental hygienist for over 37 years, so while  new to the office, I’m an old hand around the cuspidor!  I’m passionate and totally committed to being a dental hygienist.  I love my profession.  It’s evolved over the years to being all about oral health, and total body health.  Life is much better when you’re healthy, and health starts with the mouth.  Thus, dental hygiene is so much more than twice a year “cleanings.”  That only means your teeth are clean twice, as in 2 days a year – my goal is that you have clean, disease-free teeth, sweet breath, and a truly healthy mouth 365 days a year!  Oral infections, whether from tooth decay or gum disease, may start in the mouth (and cause lots of havoc!), but they don’t stay there.  They (bacteria and pathogens) travel throughout the body and cause other serious infections and even cancers!  Breathing or swallowing incorrectly can cause issues related to health problems too!
I’ve been writing a dental health blog for over two years now, and have many articles discussing these connections.  Please explore my blog posts.  If you have dental questions, please feel free to contact me.  My email address and contact info is on the bottom.  If you see a highlighted word, click on it and it’ll take you to my references.  Everything I write will either be my stated opinion or have a reference or two cited.
My goal, as your personal Oral Health “Life Guard” and  Oral Wellness Coach is to customize a program that will fit your oral needs and goals, and help you learn best practices for a healthy mouth/healthy life.  Yes, from a dental hygienist!  Come see me for a new dental wellness experience.  I’m excited to meet you, and help you stop having cavities, bleeding gums, bad breath, oral pain.  I’m thrilled to be in an office that puts into place all the things I’ve written about and recommended all these years!Call Maria – 888-338-6336 select option #2 for the Washington office, and come see me for a unique, positive and gentle dental hygiene experience!  I look forward to meeting you.


Barbara Tritz RDH, BS
Dental Hygienist/Periodontal  Co-Therapist
Specialist in Myofunctional Therapy

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10 Responses

  1. Kylie says:

    Thanks for the share, love reading your blog.

  2. Kylie,
    Thank you!

  3. Sonal priya says:

    Heyy Barbara Tritz very sure Oral Systemic Dentist is to take next level, I like the trend that content is becoming more and more important.

  4. Thanks Sonal Priya!
    Total body wellness starts in the mouth, it's about so much more than just "cleaning" teeth. Appreciate your stopping by. Stay tuned for more posts on the oral -systemic connection!

  5. You are working in Bellevue? I lived in Seattle for a couple of years and could not stand the rain. Loved the city, but not the gloominess. I went to Bellevue once with a friend, it looked like a really nice town, very clean and put together. Good luck on your new job, hope it all goes well for you.

  6. Well written blog! Brushing and flossing daily is not enough to reach the hidden areas of your mouth. It's necessary to visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

  7. Tyler,
    It sure has been a rainy month! I think we've broken some records. I understand wanting more sunny place. Luckily, in the summer, there's not a more beautiful place on earth. Thanks for your well wishes, it is such fun to work in a positive, forward thinking and preventive dental office!
    Thanks for stopping by – hope you've gotten a look at some of my other posts as well.

  8. Dr. Coyle Bridges,
    Thanks for your supportive comment! Stay tuned for my next "dental myths" post on brushing – you are correct, brushing and flossing may not be enough to conquer periodontal disease or tooth decay. Monitoring the pathogens and attacking them are vital to a healthy mouth. So glad you stopped by and commented. I always wonder where my blog posts go! Florida is so lovely this time of year! Glad my post went there! Stop by any time!

  9. It is refreshing to hear that a dentist believes in more than drilling holes in the teeth. It really is holistic, taking care of the whole body, mind, and spirit. If people did not eat so much sugar and stuff, their teeth would not be in such bad shape. I eat pretty healthy and have not had a cavity.

  10. Hi Quinn,
    You are correct, it is totally refreshing to work with a dentist that doesn't automatically pick up that drill. Prevention and outside the box thinking are the rule here! and, you are also correct that it's really all about diet. Have you read anything about Dr. Weston Price? He's the original diet dentist.
    Keep up the good work. No cavities is a super statistic! Do be sure to clean in between so you keep gum disease at bay too!
    Thanks for stopping by again!

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