Barbara Tritz
· March 23, 2014 ·

2 minutes

My daughter has finally persuaded me that the world needs to hear what I have to say about oral hygiene. Nobody talks about anything but brushing and flossing- that’s only the surface.  Since not everyone can come sit in my chair, my goal here is to educate and answer questions about the root of the problem. (Puns included.)

Aren’t you tired of having cavities and painful, bloody cleanings? (Even if you go as often as you’re told?)

We’re going to explore bad breath, the effects of mouth breathing, what over-the-counter products actually work and are worth the money, the truth about mouthwash, debunk Internet myths, and lots more. If you have any topics or questions, please leave a comment- I would love to answer!

I had no idea what exactly a hygienist did until I got to hygiene school and I got my red tackle box of shiny, silver instruments- lots of them- and they all looked the same. I was clueless. I thought all that hygienists did was polish teeth! I figured, “I could do that!” And then? and then I learned about calculus (not the math kind).  I’ve never worked so hard in my life as I did in Hygiene School, because I knew nothing about dentistry. So, I picked the smartest girl in the class and did everything she did. And I passed. Now, 34 years later, I still love hygiene- or rather, I fell in love with it again, but that’s another story.

Because I love hygiene, I want people to know the “secrets” of how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. We’re a team, and if you’ll let me, I’ll be the coach on your journey to a healthy mouth, and save you lots of money at the dentist!

The first few topics we will explore and discuss:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Bad breath
  • Mouth breathing
  • Xylitol
Look for posts on Mondays or Tuesdays!

Hello, I'm Barbara Tritz

Unveiling the Stories Behind Dental Hygiene

Loving science, especially biology, from an early age, Barbara is a registered dental hygienist, certified biological hygienist, and orofacial myofunctional therapist. In 2019, she received the Hu-Friedy/ADHA Master Clinician Award from the American Dental Hygienist Association.

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