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Barbara Tritz
· April 21, 2014 ·

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What if I told you there was a product that tastes great, is totally natural, increases saliva flow, raises pH in your mouth, is safe for diabetics, has 40% less calories than sugar, prevents tooth decay, helps with ear infections, has no after taste, and you’re even encouraged to have five servings a day?  What is this magical product?  This incredible product is called xylitol (pronounced “zy li tall”).  

It’s a sugar alcohol that tastes fabulous, and has almost magical properties.  It contains no
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sugar and no alcohol though.   It was discovered in Europe in the 19thcentury, and was used as a sugar substitute during the 1940’s in Scandinavian countries.  It was noticed in the 1950’s that children in those countries had less tooth decay and it was traced back to xylitol use.  It is a totally natural sugar that tooth decay bacteria cannot digest, and if the bacteria can’t digest it, they eventually starve to death; no bacteria babies. (See previous posts about tooth decay.)   Your teeth will be cleaner because in addition to reducing the bacteria counts, xylitol makes bacteria unable to produce the sticky stuff that holds them together and they float away.  This leaves room for good bacteria to take over.  With long term use, in addition to good brushing/flossing/etc. habits (it may be magic, but you do have to help it out the mundane way), you’ll have long lasting tooth decay protection! #1.

You can cook with xylitol as a substitute for sugar, find it in toothpaste, mouth rinse, gum, mints, candies, and even sprinkle some straight into your mouth.  It is totally safe for diabetics.   A company named Xlear (pronounced “clear”) even makes a nasal spray that helps with allergies, colds and ear infections.  Google xylitol and you’ll get over two million hits.
Xylitol can be found at your local health food store in many products.  Look for it within the first three ingredients for it to be effective.  I have not yet seen it in the big name groceries.  Of course you can order anything on the web, and is my “go to” source for both information and products.  (There are many other companies that offer xylitol as well.)   Xlear even makes a pacifier under their Spry brand that has a xylitol gel insert so baby gets her five servings daily as well.
The only down side to xylitol- too much too quickly can cause digestive distress initially, but your body does adapt.  Easing yourself into it is advised.  And, do notgive any to the family dog.  It makes him quite ill.
Create a little magic.  Taste it for yourself.   Strive for five servings a day.  You’ll like it!
#1. Peldyak, Dr. John., Dentaltown. June 2013 pp. 9093
Bonus (from the Editor): check out Pinterest for all sorts of yummy-looking xylitol-using recipes! 

~~The Queen of Dental Hygiene’s Dental Pearls of Wisdom ~~

Prevent tooth decay in your children by taking xylitol yourself—start before they have teeth so you are bacteria free and not contagious when their teeth erupt.

Superior doctors prevent disease. Mediocre doctors treat disease before it is evident.  Inferior doctors treat the full blown disease.    – Huang Dee Chang 2600 BC 1stChinese Medical text

Think prevention, live healthy and enjoy life!
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