Big New Beginnings at Green City Dental

Barbara Tritz
· August 24, 2016 ·

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August, for me has been about new beginnings.
I am thrilled and excited to share all the new things going on for the Queen of Dental Hygiene.  My keyboard has been a little quiet lately because I’ve been busy doing, creating, and traveling for summer fun as well as education.  Now I have a little down time to catch all of you up to date!

Big Changes

I’m full time at Green City Dental office and I’m in love!  My kind of peeps!!  How lucky am I to have found an incredible, exceptional holistic/biological dental practice right here in North Seattle.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I’m so lucky to be working with incredibly smart and talented Dr. Rebecca Taylor and her dedicated staff.  Dr. Taylor centers her practice around the Oral-Systemic Connection and her philosophy is holistically based.  I’ve written previously about how very important a healthy mouth is to a healthy body.  (IMHO, Traditional dentistry has treated the mouth as a separate planet, and not looked at disease occurring there infecting anything below the chin.  Drilling disease out of a tooth does not cure the cause of the problem, it just puts a band aid on it.)

Dr. Taylor, Lily and Barbara completing the Myobrace course 

Learning and Growing

Prevention is the key word at this office.  We look closely at breathing and swallowing issues, proper breathing, where your tongue is, and how big your airway is!  It all starts with oxygen.  Not breathing correctly is central to the oral-systemic connection breakdown.  Tooth decay occurs when the mouth becomes too acidic, saliva is not healthy (dry mouth which could be from mouth breathing) which takes us right back to breathing dysfunction again.  Gum disease, same issues- thick sticky plaque, growing a thick biofilm of bacteria plus other bad bug pathogens and no saliva to wash it off, thus gum infections.  Breathing could well play a part there too.  Swallowing, who’s looking at that?  We are!  I’ve written before about the mighty tongue – and how it moves your teeth around.  Got open spaces between your teeth? It could be from the way you swallow and where your tongue presses.  This office goes beyond the norm and is dedicated to helping you get well and stay well.  I’m so honored to be a part of this team full time!

How fortunate I am to work in this incredible office.  Unique on the outside but dedicated to your oral health and wellness, and willing to add me to their staff.  I’ll bring my nonsurgical periodontal therapy programs, as well as more tooth decay prevention, ozone therapies, myofunctional therapies and airway wellness to their office.  We’ll learn much from each other, and I’ll share it all with you!


Big Thank You’s

To all my former patients- I miss you!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for working hard with me to achieve oral wellness.  I’m so very proud of all your accomplishments.  Your successes make my job, my career so rewarding.  It’s because of you that I love and am passionate about what I do as a dental hygienist.   If I can ever be of any help, if you have questions, please let me know.
I’m your oral health coach for life!

<b>Washington Oral Wellness (W.O.W.)</b>
</b>More  big changes- I am adding one more thing to my plate- I have started a business called "Washington Oral Wellness".  For now, it's out of my home.  In June, I traveled to Los Angeles to complete my (official) training in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy.
There's still so very much to learn, so while I may have the credentials, I will keep on educating myself.  In September I headed down to Tuscan to attend the  <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry's Airway Summit</a>.  Coming up is another Airway Summit in Las Vegas.  It never ends.

W.O.W.  has officially opened its doors.  I'm  available on Fridays and Saturdays by appointment.  The goal of W.O.W. is breathing re-training, swallowing, muscle re-education, and even noxious habit elimination (think thumb sucking, pacifier dependency, or even blanket sucking.)  Walk through the airport and watch everyone with their head down, looking at their phone - airway problems in the making.  We can even do this therapy through video conferencing over the internet.

You can reach me at, or through the contact section on the right side panel to learn more, and schedule an appointment for evaluation.  Health really starts with the airway.

Life is such a grand adventure.  For me, it’s time to mix things up and move forward, even when those changes are hard.  I’ve been learning about airway, muscles, and all things tissue related, and how those impact the rest of the mouth/head/body.  How can we not incorporate that into comprehensive 21st Century oral care and total body wellness?

Heart disease, the oral-systemic connections, temporomandibular jaw pain, tongue ties, headaches, crooked teeth, open bites, drooling, malformed jaws, and small airways are not okay to ignore but are often beyond what the traditional dental office knows much about.  It is time for them to learn and grow so they can help you be healthy.

You, my loyal reader, are curious and obviously want to learn, grow, and be healthy.  Good for you!

Hugs, and keep smiling with the smile you love!

Hello, I'm Barbara Tritz

Unveiling the Stories Behind Dental Hygiene

Loving science, especially biology, from an early age, Barbara is a registered dental hygienist, certified biological hygienist, and orofacial myofunctional therapist. In 2019, she received the Hu-Friedy/ADHA Master Clinician Award from the American Dental Hygienist Association.

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