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Barbara Tritz
· January 18, 2021 ·

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Dental Hygiene… yawn. Clean your teeth. Floss, floss. Nag, nag… Eye roll… But what if, my friends, it was the link to a healthy body and your first line of defense in the fight to address the viral infections and heal during this time of crisis? Come journey with me as I discuss the tools and techniques I have to help you heal your mouth and body, and stay healthy. It does indeed start in the mouth (and nose). Dental Hygienists really are first responders! There is so much more we can do to be proactive. So, pull down your masks, lets do this! Time to be healthy.

Dental Hygiene’s Beginning and Why Dental Health Matters

The field of Dental Hygiene started in 1906 when Dr Alfred C Fones trained his cousin and dental assistant, Irene Newman to clean teeth. Irene is hailed as the first dental hygienist. From there Dr. Fones opened the Fones School of Dental Hygiene in Bridgeport Connecticut with the first graduating class in 1914.

Dr Alfred C. Fones Father OF Dental Hygiene

A very important fact worth mentioning from that time:

Due to the hygiene program in place in the city, Bridgeport had the lowest death rate of any large city in the world during the influenza pandemic of 1918.

Coincidence!?! I think not…

And today:

Currently, we know the mouth is the primary source of the the SARS CV2. The virus hangs out in the salivary glands, the tongue and the tonsils. (And, as my patients can attest- I always recommend you clean your tongue twice daily, get all the plaque biofilm out and then gargle to disinfect the tonsils and throat nooks and crannies. Just know it is even more important to pay attention to the health of your mouth.)

Dental hygiene has blossomed into a vitally important part of our healthcare system. Its focus is on prevention. I consider myself an oral care prevention specialist, a coach for my patients. My goal to help them have the tools and knowledge they need to have true dental and oral wellness, and support their immune system. Dental health has far reaching implications throughout the body. Dental hygiene and dental care are a vital but unheralded link in our fight to address our current SARS CoV2 viral pandemic.

That face mask will do you little good if your mouth is teeming with gum disease or tooth decay bacteria.

SARS CV-2 and Dental Disease: The Connection

Periodontal disease is a bacterial, fungal and viral infection within the gum tissues of the mouth. Research is now connecting the presence of this disease combining with the Sars Covid 2 virus to create a SUPER infection in the lungs. Oral hygiene has never been so important. So, if you have ever been told you had “gum disease”, “gingivitis” or “periodontal disease” it is TIME to address it seriously and get your gums and teeth healthy.

Red/purple, swollen, infected, glossy, smooth and rolling gum tissue and tooth decay too!

Research has shown that 80% of patients in ICU exhibiting severe complications of COVID-19 also suffered bacterial superinfections. 

The researchers wrote, “inadequate oral hygiene can increase the risk of inter-bacterial exchanges between the lungs and the mouth, increasing the risk of respiratory infections and potentially post-viral bacterial complications.”

The metagenome of patients severely infected with COVID-19 showed periodontopathic bacteria, namely Prevotella intermedia, Fusobacterium nucleatum and Staphylococcus aureus at abnormally high levels compared to patients without COVID-19 complications.

The above listed bacteria are those I deal with daily in helping my patients address their periodontal disease infections. We test for these with salivary diagnostics and then work like crazy to change their plaque microbiome to one of health. It is no surprise these gum disease pathogens are closely ctied to the deadly infections the SARS CV2 cause in the lungs.

Gum disease may affect COVID-19 severity ( In addition to the lung super infection, the oral pathogens also create inflammation within the body. (If you see blood on your toothbrush or floss or in the sink that means your gums are on fire and INFLAMED. Here’s the thing, even if you don’t see it BUT your fabulous dental hygienist says there is an infection, PLEASE believe him or her.)

This inflammation is an infection and gets into your blood stream, lungs and guts. Tooth decay bacteria also counts as creating inflammation within the body. This infection creates CHRONIC INFLAMMATION within your body. AND:

Inflammation prompts the release of the protein interleukin-6 (IL-6). High IL-6 levels can destroy tissue and the linings in blood vessels and lungs and reduce oxygen.

That’s fancy talk for what is happening to your lungs when there is inflammation. They can’t work properly.

Phase Contrast Microscope – No hiding from the bugs

As many of you know, I have a chairside phase contrast microscope. I take plaque samples and place it under the scope to share what I see living there with my patients. There are so many people with really active gum disease pathogens living underneath the radar (so to speak). Gum disease does not “hurt” but boy does it destroy and damage so much of the body. And, now we have the Covid virus combining with perio bugs and creating a super lung infection.

Perio patients – you get red flagged. Please come in and get your mouth healthy. A mask will not protect you if there is an underlying but silent comorbid condition… The dental microbiome – those bacteria, viruses and fungi are creating an undercurrent of infection.

The Bottom line:

Oral hygiene really matters, especially today and even more if you have any underlying health issues.

Our elderly folks in nursing homes are not getting their teeth cared for on a daily basis, and are dying of aspiration pneumonia. Can it be any wonder they are then succumbing this virus??

Knowledge Is Power

Dental disease has many roots (pun intended). As I have mentioned in previous posts, prehistoric man did not have dental disease until he started farming and his diet changed. Food, soft diet, lack of nutrients, shrinking facial structures, mouth breathing, smoking, acidic oral environment, and of course, sugar in all its many forms has created its own dental pandemic of decayed teeth and dissolving jawbones. We know these all contribute to a failing immune system and allow the dental microbiome to change and become pathologic. Hence, dental disease. Everything starts in the mouth. In order to be healthy, we must start at the top. Dental disease is but a symptom of a bigger, possibly silent but trembling sleeping giant of a problem that you cannot ignore or ignore to your peril.

How do we change the dental microbiome back to health? That’s the key question. And, that’s what we need to uncover. It is not all about dental floss, or which toothpaste is going to cure you. It is about digging deeper and correcting the underlying causes. It’s all about your immune system.

First and foremost- consult your medical care providers to address your particular medical issues and concerns. What follows is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

First, Let’s Talk SARS-CoV-2

Because, well, everything revolves around this virus, at least for 2020, and then 2021 will be all about the vax. But, really, here’s the thing: viruses do not harm or kill us.

It is the over-reaction of a weakened and dysfunctional immune system to the virus that results in our own body attacking its own cells, tissues and organs. A dysfunctional immune system response is a result of underlying preexisting conditions.

Immune System

Adults and children that do not have a healthy immune system are not able to take care of the pathogens, and a cytokine storm then rages, attacking our own tissues.” Dr Shiva Ayyadurai

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, smoking, immunocompromised, poor air, poor water, poor quality food and/or food choices, lack of exercise, sleep dysfunction, thyroid issues, and of course dirty teeth. Our immune system needs some lovin’ and help to be its strongest, best self. How can we fight disease if we are not starting from a point of health?

Bottom Line: You area personally responsible for what you put in your body.

Road to Health Starts with Food

Diet/Food/Nutrition or the lack there of: Food is medicine. We either feed the good bacteria or we feed the bad ones. Every time you eat you either feed disease or health. Think about that with every bite of food.

The bad bacteria love sugar, they love simple carbohydrates and your morning bowl of cereal. They thrive in an acidic environment. They love when you eat bagels, jelly, and a donut for breakfast, and that pizza for lunch and how about that latte with whip? Dino nuggets and mac n’ cheese, while comfort food, is soft mushy food that does not promote proper chewing and swallowing, and contributes to lack of jaw growth and airway development, not to mention being the perfect sticky food for the bad bugs.

Food matters. Good food feeds not only our bodies but also our microbiome. And our microbes really run the show- they control us. Having certain bacteria keep us lean, other bacteria extract more calories from the same amount of food so can make us fat. The bacteria communicate directly with our genes which give commands to our cells. If this communication is corrupted with bad unhealthy food, then the our quality of life suffers. Having a strong immune system depends on feeding our bodies with good, healthy clean food, that feeds our microbiome. Choose wisely. Work with a nutritionist or doctor that understands the value of a healthy diet in boosting your immune system.

Sugar- we need to talk, and it is not even about sugar and cavities… I love a good brownie as much as the next person but oh dear, the more I read and learn about how BAD it is for you and your immune system the more that cookie or brownie just does not appeal to me anymore.

muffin with miniature us flag and coke bottle placed on white table
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Here’s the thing- 75 grams of sugar which is 15 teaspoons (think one can of soda at 40 grams and one cupcake at 46 grams) will effectively neutralize your white blood cells for about five hours. Your white blood cells are your fighter cells- that’s what protects you from bacteria and VIRUSES. But by eating sugar, you stop the white blood from working properly.

I am reading the book: A Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes. As I read more, I suspect I will have an entire blog post on what I find. There is so much more that sugar does to our body, all not good. For now, know sugar is wrecking havoc on your white blood cells which is the key to your immune system… and you need white blood cells to keep you healthy…

Leaky Gut

I have written much on the importance of gut health. Eighty percent of our immune system resides in our gut. A gut that is permeable allows bacteria, viruses, toxins and food debris to enter our body and creates an autoimmune issues such as lupus and irritable bowel syndrome. Gut dysbiosis sends out inflammatory signals to your entire body, so bleeding gums may well be a sign of trouble elsewhere.

And, no surprise, there could be a gut/lung/SARS connection. Since 80% of our immune system resides in our guts, it should not be unexpected. The researchers are still working on this.

For years I worked hard to be sure my patients had spotless mouths, yet they still had bleeding gums and tooth decay. I felt like a failure because after all their hard work and my guidance, they still had dental disease. What was I missing? Now I know and reinforce the fact the mouth is really and truly connected to the entire body. We can not heal only one small corner. We need to look at the bigger picture.

Nutrition, Supplementation and Immune Support

It is time to get back to the basics. Nutrition. Real food that looks like food, not some packaged box chemicalized food stuff… Our bodies need the following nutrients to support our immune systems:

  • My vegan patients lack vitamin B12. They also lack the fats to properly digest and use fat-soluble vitamins. ( A,D3, K2, E) Complimenting proteins and getting the proper fats are vital, so please work with a nutritional expert to be sure you are getting what you need.
  • Healthy fat – an avocado a day will change your life. Eat fatty fish like salmon, sardines, or anchovies (my husband will be thrilled I finally have something good to say about anchovies). Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fat which is vital for healthy teeth and preventing tooth decay. Your immune system needs fat to dissolve fat soluble vitamins.
  • Vitamin D3 – the sunshine vitamin – and its best buddy Vitamin K2 work together to build bones, and promote health. Cannot have one without the other. Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone and can reduce risk of infection. Foods that provides Vitamin D3 include fatty fish, butter and ghee, cod liver oil, and egg yolks. Vegetarians and folks with a low-fat diet will be deficient. It can lower viral replication rates and reduce the concentrations of pro-inflammatory cytokines- that cytokine storm. How Long Will We Ignore the Truth About Vitamin D? ( So, not only can we protect ourselves from COVID’s virus, it will also help defeating periodontal disease because periodontal disease also has a viral component. Increasing your D3 consumption will help decrease your risk of Covid complications. Say yes to more D3!!
  • Vitamin A – is essential for immune health as well as many other functions within the body (like preventing tooth decay) It is a fat-soluble vitamin and works in conjunction with Vitamin D3, K2, And Zinc. If you are a vegetarian, favor low-fat diets, or eat lots of processed foods, you may be low in Vitamin A because your body needs the fat to dissolve and process it. Vitamin A protects cell walls and is an integral part of the mucus layer of the respiratory and intestinal tracts. Your epithelial and mucus tissues are your first line of defense against pathogens. Vitamin A is crucial in the morphological formation of the epithelium, and all those cells. It creates the wall, promotes mucus secretions, improves antigen non-specific immunity. It is also essential for the proper development and differentiation of macrophages – a type of innate immune cell. Vitamin A deficiency affects your immune system health. Bottom line- eat fat-containing foods such as butter, cream and cheese from grass feed cows, cod liver oil, tuna, egg yolks, and fatty fish like wild caught salmon. Eat a diet rich in healthy fat. (See a theme here? Cod Liver oil for all…)
  • Also time to eat those veggies and more fiber. Yes, I know, “old people ” eat fiber. Join the party! Eat that rainbow of colored vegetables and fruits. Eat leafy greens three times a day. That’s even a switch for me, I manage twice a day but as I read more, and learn, I too am changing my diet and noticing an improvement in my health. Teeth and gums need fiber too. That’s where we get the pre-biotics and pro-biotics to heal, feed the good bacteria both in your mouth and in your gut. Most of your immune system resides in your gut so having a healthy gut lining and eating food you can digest correctly is the root of systemic health.
  • Leafy greens provide nitric oxide. During my Covid-staycation I learned all about the importance of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide opens up your blood vessels. You cannot heal without the proper level of NO. Loss of NO affects you down to your mitochondria- the power house of every cell. As we “mature” we lose the ability to make nitric oxide. For so long I wondered what nutrients we need to have a healthy mouth. I am now testing all of my new patients and periodontal disease-affected patients and I see all of them with depleted nitric oxide levels. No wonder they still had bleeding gums no matter how good their plaque control levels. According to Dr Nathan Bryan:
    • “Loss of nitric oxide is the earliest event in the onset and progression of most if not all chronic diseases.
  • So – do you want to rely on a mask or a properly working immune system? That is the question you need to decide…

Next, Nasal Hygiene

Nasal hygiene is as important or maybe more important than oral hygiene. And that is coming from a dental hygienist. Washing out your nose, especially with a xylitol nasal wash, is just like washing your hands. It kills and deactivates the virus in your nasal cavities. Xylitol is viricidal. And NOBODY is talking about this!! Click here and here and here and here and here. How’s that for current research?!

Xlear nasal spray three times a day. First thing in the morning, midday and just before bed. Xlear xylitol nasal spray opens up the sinuses and reduces bacteria, and viruses, and inflammation in the nose. So simple. It keeps the viruses from adhering to the membranes. What it does in the mouth by decreasing the microbial load also works in the nose too.

Xlear nasal spray
Twice daily nasal cleaning

We NEED to breathe through our nose for the proper level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our bodies. Read my post on proper breathing and the importance of that for our immune system. And, just as an aside, our nose makes nitric oxide in our paranasal sinuses. Humming increases our nitric oxide levels 15 fold. I just finished the book Breath by James Nestor- Here is a great interview with him and Patrick McKeown on the importance of nasal breathing.

My heroes: Drs Brad Bale and Amy Doneen (https://baledoneencom/covid-19-2/) – also recommend for Covid prevention: recommend 3% saline rinse of mouth and nose – 3 times/day (explained on their web site)

So, we are in good company! Clean your nose when you brush and clean your teeth, two to three times a day…

Proper Tongue Rest Posture

Facial muscle development, and growing the jaws and airways all starts with proper tongue rest posture and (no surprise) nasal breathing. Working with a dental hygienist that is also a myofunctional therapist will make all the difference in your quest for dental health. They understand the need to look beyond the teeth and gums to finding the roots of your dental issues. The tongue is mighty- it dictates how your face grows which then affects the rest of you- posture, breathing, sleep, digestion, you name it- it is all connected.

Airway and Sleep

As a dental hygienist, I know it is important to look beyond the teeth and gums to the entire facial structure, muscles, throat and airway. There is so much to evaluate and look over. Teeth and gums have got all the attention but without a great airway, and poor breathing habits. the immune system cannot function, period.

As a myofunctional therapist, I teach folks how to properly use facial muscles, work on nasal breathing, lip seal, and a proper swallow.

I talk with my patients about their sleep– quantity, quality and depth. If you don’t breathe well you don’t sleep well, and nothing else matters. No sleep, and you don’t heal. You won’t produce melatonin, and activate the pineal gland which is the master endocrine hormone. Which leads us back to healing and a strong immune system,

Clinical signs I see that clue me into potential sleep issues: bruxism, heavy wear and chipping of the teeth, sensitive teeth, broken teeth, lots of crowns, recession, abfraction, and erosion of teeth, a red throat, and a long uvula. (The uvula is the little dangly thing that hangs down your throat. It can become like a slinky and get elongated and stretched by snoring and sleep apnea pulling it down your throat at night. )

Airway-focused dental offices are hard to find but I encourage you to look for biological, holistic, airway centered dental offices for a more comprehensive, preventive and health care focused dental experience rather than just dis-ease care. I would start looking here – International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. They now have a biological dental hygiene program so they are in tune with my thinking and philosophy.

A Quick Oxygen Test:

  1. Get 2 pulse oximeters immediately – one for each spouse. Amazon next day delivery, or Walgreens.
  2. Monitor oxygen levels and once it is less than 92% consistently over a few hours (verify with other hand, both pulse oximeters, etc.) then that’s the threshold to get checked out in a hospital – go to emergency room.

Now into the dental chair:

Let there be (Laser) Light

I want to write a more comprehensive, lengthy article on the benefits of laser light in healing gum disease but for now, here’s a taste and little introduction to all that I have spent the last three months learning!

What else can we physically do to help heal the teeth and gums, as well as shore up the immune system? To change the microbiome and encourage health?

Here’s something new in my tool kit- a dental laser. Let there be light: laser light. The laser is an exciting (almost magical) tool in my hygiene hands. I just recently completed my laser training, and took and passed my first closed-book test in 30 years. Crazy that I was sweating this test but got it done. Now I will start using a laser to help my patients heal their gums.

Laser stands for: Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation. We have harnessed light to have healing powers. The laser stimulates collagen formation, speeds healing, and kills bacteria and other pathogens in its path. The laser light gently detoxifies the roots, removes the diseased sulcular lining of the gum tissues and kills bad bugs. It also repairs, regenerates and heals the gum tissues. Through what is called photobiomodulation – using a low level energy of laser light stimulates the mitochondrial activity within cell walls. It also increases blood flow to the area which increases growth factors and lymphatic drainage which ultimately aids in healing the area that was treated. The coolest thing about lasers – it cannot hurt healthy cells, it only addresses infected cells.


Ozone is one of my favorite topics. It is super oxygen and these bad bugs thrive in an “oxygen-less” environment. By introducing oxygen, we change the microbiome so that it kills the bad bugs but allows the good ones to grow. Healing with oxygen- so natural yet super healing. What more do we need?

Ozone the Super Healer

I use ozone in three forms: gas, water and oil. It is a part of almost every dental hygiene procedure I perform. Ozone ruptures the bacteria, virus, and fungus cell membranes, almost instantly. It makes red blood cells slippery and that allows them to slide through those tiny capillaries and heal you.

Sadly, most dental offices know nothing about the powers of ozone, but you can purchase ozone oil on Amazon or directly from ozone oil producers. I personally swab it on, brush it in, and work it in-between the teeth with floss or interdental brushes. It is my first-aid ointment of choice.

( Just a reminder, none of this is medical advice and you should see your healthcare provider for treatment.)


Iodine is highly viricidal. I have recently added a molecular iodine to my hygiene protocols. IO rinse is new to my tool box. It tastes better than Betadine, is stronger than Betadine and does not stain. IO rinses penetrates the biofilm, and kill the bad bugs that make volatile sulfur compounds- the bugs that make breath smell bad! It is also rapidly effective against spores, tooth decay bacteria and what are called Gam negative and also gram positive bacteria. VIRUSES TOO. (15 seconds to kill them!) And, even better is does not create resistance development in the bacteria. This will become the standard treatment of the bad bugs!

AND wait, there’s more…

They also have a nasal spray that kills viruses.

Power Toothbrushing

While healing the gut, eating healthy food and nasal breathing are all essential to a healthy immune system, we still need to get that plaque biofilm off your teeth, twice daily. Power tooth brushes really are much, much better at doing that than your manual tooth brush. Really, truly and honest to goodness fact.

So, time to invest in yourself and get the best electric tooth brush you can afford. The Kyoui toothbrush is my favorite because it is gentle, and cleans better because it cleans not only your teeth but your gums. It has an extra unique end tuft brush head for the nooks and crannies so it is even better at cleaning crown margins, braces and anything that traps plaque and food debris.

The best electric tooth brush

I use the Kyoui brush vertically rather than the traditional horizontal brush stroke, and by doing that, I BRUSH MY GUMS>>> The traditional way we have used toothbrushes is horizontally- this brush is DIFFERENT> I use it vertically so I clean each tooth one at a time. SO instead of bopping around the mouth nilly-willy, I go very methodically, and hold the brush the long way on each tooth and I also BRUSH my teeth and gums one at a time. Here’s my shameless plug – you get 10% off if you use my discount code: BARBARATRITZsave10% Kyoui – Oral Care from a different angle

There are many good power brushes so find the one that works best for you, and use it twice daily. And please get a new brush head every three months. I recommend changing brush heads with the seasons.

Plaque Biofilm Removal

You brush your teeth to remove plaque biofilm, All those bad bugs don’t belong in your mouth. You may think the reason you brush is to remove food debris but really, we dental hygienists want you to brush to get the plaque biofilm out of there. Bad bugs belong in the sink.

Do not avoid brushing your gums, just use a gentle brush and clean those gums because that is where the plaque biofilm hangs out and no surprise, but that is where decay and gum disease start. Wiggle that brush right into the gumline, very gently but with purpose.

It may take more than two minutes to get all the plaque off. Just because your brush timer stops may not mean your teeth are clean. Do not stop brushing until your teeth feel like your fabulous hygienist just cleaned them. They should feel like that every time you brush and clean them, not just twice a year. If they don’t then ask your hygienist to show you how to brush better so you can keep them healthy every single day.

A HOT Pink Mess

My secret weapon in teaching my patients better brushing skills is to use plaque disclosing tablets. These pink, tablets stain the plaque HOT pink so every one can see how good a job they do at getting all the plaque off the teeth. We did that in about third grade when I was in school and many folks remember using them. Sadly, most schools do not employ a dental hygienist any longer so many of today’s school children don’t get the opportunity to learn how to brush and care for their teeth.

Plaque is invisible so using tablets to stain it shows us where to brush better.

Bottom line: Brush and clean until your teeth feel and taste clean.

Additional Tools

Interproximal brushes, oral water irrigation and of course a tongue cleaner, floss and see your incredible hygienist at least quarterly. Yes, you read that correctly. <EVERY THREE MONTHS> That six month recare thing is set by insurance companies. Get your gums and teeth healthy and then six month appointments are fine. IF you have gum disease or tooth decay, that is way too long to wait. I want all my patients to be healthy between appointments. If you have bleeding, tartar build up or new cavities, you are NOT healthy between appointment. Got it?


The mouth and body require more than a slap-dash approach to health. A strong immune system needs attention: good food, supplements, sunshine, exercise, deep restful sleep, proper nasal breathing, nasal hygiene and of course excellent oral health. Give it the attention it needs and the human body is a miraculous thing. It can fight all manner of diseases, and get you through this pandemic and many other ills besides.

And now YOU know why dental hygiene and oral wellness are so vital to your healthy immune system and that it is critical in this fight over the current viral epidemic. No more yawns and eye rolls when you hear about bleeding gums or get that floss lecture. It really is for your own good. And your fabulous wonderful hygienist really is a super hero. Just sayin’.

PS: Mask wearing 101

It should go without saying but I will say it anyway, keep your hands away from your face and stop touching your mask. Once you put your mask on, snug it up to your nose (not under it), tuck it under your chin and STOP touching it. By touching and adjusting it, you contaminate it. Put it on by the ear loops and take it off by the ear loops. AND DON’T TOUCH IT> When you do, it defeats the reason you wear it.

Hands off that mask!!

Cheers to 2021

Cheers to a healthy, incredible and fabulous year.

Til next time, keep smiling even under those masks. Your eyes will twinkle and smiling strengthens your immune system too!

Virtual Hugs to you,


Your super hero hygienist and best immune system supporter

Smile! even under the Mask

Hello, I'm Barbara Tritz

Unveiling the Stories Behind Dental Hygiene

Loving science, especially biology, from an early age, Barbara is a registered dental hygienist, certified biological hygienist, and orofacial myofunctional therapist. In 2019, she received the Hu-Friedy/ADHA Master Clinician Award from the American Dental Hygienist Association.

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  1. Lewis Gross DDS

    Good article. As a holistic dentist I test oral pH, make similar diet suggestions and have patients balance mouth microbiome with an alkaline Oral Cleanse. I use Alka-white.

    • Barbara Tritz

      Good Morning Lewis!
      Thank you for reading my article. I greatly appreciate your kind words. Yes, I agree, your Alka-whites are fabulous. They raise the pH to the correct level, remineralize teeth, are easy to incorporate into a routine and taste great!
      I am working on a Decay 911 sheet to hand to patients and will include Alka-whites. When it is done I will be happy to share with you!
      All the best for a great new year!


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