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Barbara Tritz
· November 16, 2021 ·

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This entire Autumn has been a great adventure, as I have been speaking and presenting on all things biological to many groups- from the IAOMT conference in Seattle in September, Business Professional Women Bothell chapter, and Michigan Dental Seminar and Consulting – a dental hygiene continuing education program. I was even part of Shivan Sarna’s Dental Health Connections Summit in September! Much of it has been online – love Zoom these days! Michigan dental hygienists heard a four hour presentation on every fact I could squeeze in on biological dental health. In October, the Missouri Dental Hygiene Association was kind enough to ask me to come in person and present a three hour talk.

Life’s been a whirlwind of PowerPoints and continuing education courses. One more presentation next week, then I hope to finally sit down to write all the articles still swirling in my head. We’ll talk root canals, nitric oxide, and more perio (gum disease) because I have lots to share with all of you. If there’s a topic you’d like more information on, please let me know – someone else probably has that same question. I love sharing this information on health, healing and making super sweet smiles!

Missouri ADHA Annual Meeting in Springfield

Bio-Botanical Research Inc Presentation

This week has been particularly exciting as I had the opportunity to participate live with 139 attendees of Bio-Botanical’s Biocidin Monthly webinar. Since this is one of my favorite products to help my patients heal their teeth, gums, and guts, it was easy to agree to do this presentation.

Please listen as I talk with Maria Akerman and Dr. Jocelyn Strand of Bio-Botanical Research Inc about how to achieve oral health. Cavities and bleeding gums don’t just “happen.” There is a reason beyond just not brushing or flossing well. I am happy to share the link of my presentation (below) from earlier this week which dives deep into the root causes of dental diseases. Let’s finally get serious about oral health and have healthy gums, great breath and sweet smiles!

Getting Good Gut

The real secret to oral health starts with good gut health. Anybody’s dentist or hygienist ever talk with them about the food they eat, gut issues, or how well they chew their food? How about prebiotics and probiotics? How does your gut feel and work? How about how well you eliminate your digested food? Or how important breastfeeding is for sweet babies? What supplements to consider taking for gut health and oral wellness? So many questions we should be discussing and things we could be addressing. They are all an important part of putting together the oral health puzzle so we can sleuth out what is really going on and get your mouth healthy, once and for all. I touch on many of these issues and plan to write on these topics in more depth.

Seed and Feed the Gut

Getting the gut seeded with a good microbiome goes a long way to eliminating chronic inflammation, the root cause of many diseases. Tooth decay and gum disease are at the top of this chronic disease list. An unhealthy gut lining – called gut dysbiosis or leaky gut – is the result of microbial dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is just an imbalance of the microbes that populate the gut. Normally the “bad bugs” are only 1% of the bug population, but in dysbiosis things get greatly out of kilter. This dysbiosis leads to bad bugs crossing the now-permeable gut lining, going where they should not, and creating inflammation in the body. We can’t fix one without addressing the other.

I discuss how best to feed these bugs with healthy food so they can do the job of keeping you well. The health of your oral microbiome depends on the quality and quantity of the good gut microbes. Your bugs really run the show. They tell you when they are hungry and what they want to eat (sugar, and comfort foods are their fav). They send messages to your brain to send food down, they know what they want to eat and demand it from you. Got a serious, uncontrollable sweet tooth? That’s your “bad” bugs talking, demanding and getting what they need. The bugs may be smiling, but your gut is not.

Join me as I take a deeper dive into the root causes of tooth decay and gum disease, and their connection to the gut microbiome and how it is all connected. We really need to reconnect the mouth back on to the body and look at things from an entirely different perspective.

Enjoy the Biocidin webinar presentation and please take advantage of the discount Biocidin is offering at the end of the presentation, until the end of November 2021.

Biocidin Webinar: The Mouth-Gut Axis: How the Oral and GI Microbiomes Influence and Rely on Each Other – biocidin (

Happy Thanksgiving,

Barbara – Super Sweet Smiler

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Loving science, especially biology, from an early age, Barbara is a registered dental hygienist, certified biological hygienist, and orofacial myofunctional therapist. In 2019, she received the Hu-Friedy/ADHA Master Clinician Award from the American Dental Hygienist Association.

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