The Breathing and Sleep Health Kids Summit

Barbara Tritz
· November 7, 2022 ·

3 minutes

Hello Loyal Readers!
I hope you’ll join me for The Breathing and Sleep Health for Kids Summit. https://queenofdentalhygiene-

I will be presenting on Tips for Parents to Safeguard their Children’s Health and Prevent Decay.
Our kids and grandkids are our greatest resource. The one thing every parent wants more than anything is for their child to be healthy. As you may already realize, finding answers is not always easy…
Who is this Summit for?
This Summit is for parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches and all the health care professionals who work with children. When it comes to kids and sleep, many of us often ‘don’t know what we don’t know’. The 24 expert Summit speakers – clinicians who are on the ‘front lines’ of dental and medical care for kids – will provide many answers and insights for all audiences.
One critical part of that is establishing healthy nasal breathing and sleep in childhood. The sooner problems are detected, the sooner – and often, the easier – they can be addressed.
Sleep related breathing disorders (SRBDs) in children can impact:
A child’s behavior – aggression, anger, defiance, etc.
Cognitive development – poor attention, ADHD and other neurological issues
Poor grades – ‘He just needs to concentrate more’ – is NOT the problem OR the solution.
In fact, children with SRBDs are 40-100% more likely to show behavioral and emotional problems. Things like hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, difficulty interacting with peers, anger and aggressiveness. [1]
What are some physical signs a child may have an SRBD?
Mouth breathing
Crooked teeth
Restless sleep
Chronic allergies
Daytime sleepiness
When a child can’t breathe well, they can’t sleep well, and when they don’t sleep well their DEVELOPING brain can’t flush out toxins AND doesn’t get the rest it needs. Do that often enough and it affects the child’s brain function.
Left untreated, poor sleep and breathing can result in Type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression, ED, obstructive sleep apnea (kids can have OSA too) and even Alzheimer’s, in adults.
High Blood Pressure in kids – Published studies also show high-quality – and disturbing – evidence of elevated blood pressure in kids who have OSA, AND that childhood OSA predicts high blood pressure in adults. [2-4]
Don’t know? If you’re worried that you (and maybe even your doctor) ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ about these and other important health issues…

The Breathing and Sleep Health for Kids Summit, November 14-21, 2022
7 days, 28 speakers, all online, all free to watch/listen.
Be among the first to register FOR FREE today! (Click here!!https://queenofdentalhygiene–
Who is this Summit for? It is for YOU if:
You have kids or grandkids or your work with kids (teachers, health care, etc)
You worry that maybe you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ about your child’s sleep and breathing health – and maybe your child’s dentist or physician don’t either.
You have kids with crooked or crowded teeth and you wonder if braces are the answer (find out why they may NOT be, and treatment alternatives)
What you will learn:
The new alternatives to CPAP and the evolution of dental sleep medicine
The importance of Vitamin D for deep, REM sleep
How sleep affects the brain at all ages
Test your child’s breathing BOLT score – at home…
Why straightening teeth with braces doesn’t address underlying problems 
Warning signs your child may have a sleep breathing disorder
The neurological implications of sleep disorders
The getting the sleep fundamentals right
How – with the right help – you can build a strong foundation for your child’s face, so braces actually work.
Navigating the world of insurance for dental sleep medicine
How breastfeeding can prevent the need for braces
Why a healthy gut may give you better sleep and breathing
Why bed wetting after age 5 is really a sleep problem
Have a positive dental experience, sedation-free, for an autistic child…
What is myofunctional therapy (aka orofacial myology)? How these easy, non-invasive, guided exercises taught to kids by highly-trained – yet under recognized – health professionals – help your child correct things like tongue thrust, thumb sucking, poor swallowing, poor speech – and more and why more dentists should work with them.
And much, much more!  
Click HERE to register for this FREE, online event! https://queenofdentalhygiene–

Register between Nov 7-13 and watch the 5 Early Bird Bonus talks. These are in addition to the main Summit talks, but will not be available when the Summit talks open on Nov. 14th.
Barbara Tritz
PS. Remember, it’s absolutely FREE to register and watch these expert interviews (or just listen to MP3 if you prefer).
Register NOW, https://queenofdentalhygiene– You don’t want to miss a single talk when they begin on November 14th!


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