Day 7: Infant Mouth Breathing

Barbara Tritz
· June 7, 2023 ·

2 minutes

I just want to close those sweet little lips.

Baby brains grow at one percent a day for the first three months of life.  Their brains NEED uninterrupted periods of oxygen-rich sleep to rest and regenerate. Sleep breathing disorders in infants/children increase their risks of hyperactivity, ADHD, tiredness, poor concentration, and brain cell death Even stopping breathing once an hour can cause brain cell death.

Mouth breathing can reduce an infant’s IQ by up to 15 points.  

Snoring means the baby’s oxygen levels are dropping and their cells aren’t getting enough O2.

Twelve to 15% of infants and children have sleep-disordered breathing. Premies have a higher chance of having sleep apnea.

Proper breathing is critical for infants to ensure they get a great start to life. Nasal breathing is healthy breathing.

Nice Mouth Closure


Don’t let your baby be a mouth breather either. AND, don’t wait for them to “outgrow” it. Most doctors don’t understand the importance of nasal breathing. But now you know what they do not.

The bottom line. Everyone needs to use their nose to breathe for better health and well-being right from day one.

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