Fluoride and the Brain

Barbara Tritz
· June 13, 2023 ·

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Fluoride is a hot topic – I have written extensively on this subject.

The bottom line for me, EVEN if it stopped tooth decay 100% – (EVEN IF- which it does not- fluoride only reduces decay by 25% per our own CDC government’s data) – I would still not recommend it because of the damage it does to the brain. The government was trying to hide this research. There is NO Safe level of fluoride. It reduces the IQ of our precious little ones from one to seven percent.

Government Report Finds No Safe Level of Fluoride in Water; Fluoridation Policy Threatened (prnewswire.com)

The Government at work poisoning you and your family…

Fifty-two of 55 studies showed a decrease in IQ with increased fluoride consumption.

Fluoride and Decay

Fluoride does not adddress the real root causes of tooth decay. It is at best a crutch, a bandaid and ineffective in stopping tooth decay. Let’s get to the real reason we get cavities. Gut health, leaky gut, lack of fat soluble vitamins, acidic mouth, pathoglogical plaque, low fat diets, mouth breathing and lack of saliva. Nowhere does that list contain a “lack of fluoride.” There are many things we can do that are far more effective than slapping on some fluoride varnish and poisoning our children.

Protect our precious brains and our systemic health. Please join me in stopping fluoride. It is a poison for our brains.


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