Nasal Breathing Nugget to Know

Barbara Tritz
· June 5, 2023 ·

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Healthy Breathing is Nasal Breathing

So much nasal breathing information! Even I learn as I put together these articles for you. Breathing properly is nasal breathing and the best-kept secret, unfortunately. But if you have been following my posts lately you now understand the critical importance of using your nose. (Your mouth is your emergency breathing hatch in case your nose gets smashed.)

Here’s the new bit of information I learned as I did further research for this series:

New Nasal Breathing Nugget

Did you know that when you are breathing through your right nostril circulation speeds up, your body gets hotter, and cortisol, blood pressure, and heart rate all go up?

Breathing through the right nostril activates your sympathetic nervous system. That’s the “fight, flight, or freeze” response in the body. It provides you with that burst of energy so you can respond to perceived dangers. You are more alert and ready! It feeds more blood to the left hemisphere of the brain which is associated with logical thinking, math, communication, remembering details, and formulating strategies. But, you can’t live constantly in this state. It’s like the turbo engine in your car, good for short bursts of speed. It’s not a healthy place to live. (Mouth breathing also keeps you in this high-stress level state.)

The left nostril is connected to the parasympathetic nervous system. The “chill” side of the brain. The rest and relax side that lowers blood pressure, temperature, as well as cooling down the body and reducing anxiety. The left nostril directs blood flow to the right side of the brain which is in charge of image processing, spatial thinking, intuition, creative and imagination.

Alternate your nostrils and breathe

So, folks, just like I recommend you use both sides of the mouth to chew food, so should you also use both nostrils to breathe to use both sides of our brain. The body is wonderful and created a magical way for us to relax. Slow your breathing down and enjoy the day! (If you have a deviated septum or other nasal blockages please see an ear, nose and throat doctor to address this.) Let’s use the entire body.

Nasal Breathing ‘n Chillin’ until Tomorrow!


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