The Power of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

Barbara Tritz
· March 8, 2024 ·

7 minutes

As dental professionals, our goal is to help enable our patient to have a healthy oral cavity. One of the very best tools in our dental therapeutic toolbox is unknown to most of the dental profession. It is not a medicine but rather the essence of life itself- oxygen- but even better- super oxygen- in the form of oxygen-ozone therapy.  It is the safest medical therapy ever derived, it plays an important role in health, healing, and our wellbeing.


Energy and Sunlight make Super Oxygen-Ozone

O2-O3 is one of the greatest oxidizers in nature. It is formed when high energy electricity comes in contact with normal oxygen. It converts oxygen to a very unstable, highly reactive form of oxygen. When pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are exposed to this activated oxygen, it breaks apart their molecular structure, destroying them in seconds. It is the safest anti-bacterial modality we have at our fingertips.

It also breaks apart the organism’s byproducts and toxic waste. WIthout toxic waste byproducts from the organisms, the body is better able to heal itself. The O3 molecule is unstable. As the O3 molecule reverts back to O2 the oxygen singlet gives off an electrical charge that lyses and ruptures the bacterial cell wall, instantly killing the pathogens. This is where the magic happens.

In the process of the unstable activated oxygen reverting back to a more stable molecule, there is a signaling to “jumpstart” the body’s antioxidants, increase the immune systems defenses and increase red blood cells ability to deliver oxygen to the affected tissues. More healing magic.

It is the best tool to create the optimal environment in the mouth and body.  Medical grade oxygen-ozone kills bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and even prions almost instantly.  It leaves no toxic residue- only oxygen and water. It is been found to be made within our own antibodies as part of our immune system.

Therapeutically, we use between 0.05 – 5% ozone to oxygen.

The Magic is in the Charge of the Singlet Oxygen Molecule

Oxygen-ozone therapy is a natural approach to infection control, wound management, and tissue repair. Used as a gas, it restores proper oxygen metabolism, and increases circulation. It enhances our immune system, speeds healing, and improves blood flow.  It has many health benefits to not only the oral cavity but the entire body.

Tooth decay can be reversed by ozone gas because it can permeate three to five millimeters into the tooth structure and tissues, killing the pathogens, as well as their toxic waste byproducts.  Once the bacteria and other pathogens as well as their toxic waste are eliminated, the tooth can now remineralize and heal itself.

In periodontal disease, periodontal pathogenic microbes and their toxic byproducts freely circulate not only within the dental sulcus but into the body as well, creating a cesspool of pathogens within our blood vessels, causing bacterial showers that translocate from the mouth into the body, entering the joints, brain, heart, and other organs.  Ozone gas, ozonated water and ozone oils help stop these showers of pathogens that happen with every brush, polisher, or dental procedure. Our cells contain antioxidants that protect our healthy human and animal cells.

Medical Grade Oxygen-Ozone Dental Magic

Super Oxygen

Did you know:

Ozone therapies change the terrain of the mouth by raising the pH.

It sterilizes the tooth surface and decay bacteria can no longer adhere to the tooth surface.

Ozone stops root sensitivity by killing the toxins in the tooth tubules. Ozone gas switches off the painful nerve conduction by cleaning and removing the toxins and their waste products out to the tubules. This allows minerals to now penetrate the tooth and remineralize. Pain is greatly reduced, if not eradicated completely.

Ozone can be used with dental implants to improve bone density and the quality of their integration into the jawbone. Because of its ability to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, it keeps the tissue around implants healthier.

Ozone powers up fibroblast production and stimulates the immune response. It opens up microcirculation. Better circulation means better healing.

Spirochetes are resistant to hydrogen peroxide but not to ozone.  

No pathogens can become resistant to ozone. Oxygen-Ozone will never create superbugs. There will never be a baceria that is resistant to it. MRSA, Covid and all those other infections will never develop resistance to oxygen-ozone gas.

It makes red blood cells “super gifted” and improves their blood flow into the smallest capillaries. It dilates blood vessels.

It helps get more oxygen into the mitochondria, energizing them. Dental disease starts at the mitochondrial level. If we can help support the immune system and the health of the mitochondrial, we can heal our patients.

One molecule of ozone equals 3000 to 10,000 molecules of chlorine in oxidizing power. It kills pathogenic organisms 3500xs faster than chlorine.

Oxygen-ozone therapies are safe.

It increases dental resin bond strength.

Oxygen-ozone has so many positive uses in dentistry. Click HERE for more O2-O3 information.

Oxygen-Ozone Use in Industry

2000 Water Treament Facilities Worldwide use Ozone gas to Cleanse the Water

Oxygen-ozone is used throughout the industrial world. Your fruits, vegetables, and water systems are all purified and disinfected with this gas. It is also used in pharmaceutical and the textile industries because of its safety and success in decontamination.

Expanding Our Dental Toolbox

As with all new procedures, it requires additional training to use safely.  Our current systems are not stemming our dental diseases. We must look outside our current toolbox to decrease the level of dental diseases. Ozone is effective for a large number of illnesses, and as well as preventive therapies.  It is not necessarily a stand-alone therapy but can be used in conjunction with our other treatment protocols.

Oxygen-Ozone for Public Health

Ozone is used extensively in other countries throughout the world, and especially in social healthcare systems because it is cost effective. It is the perfect fit for our underserved communities where tooth decay is rampant. Forty to 60 seconds of ozone gas effectively kills the pathogens that cause decay. Research shows it now allows the tooth to harden and remineralize. Ozone trays are inexpensive to produce and if done every three months for 15 minutes, we can stop tooth decay in our most vulnerable populations.

The Government’s Involvment

Unfortunately, incomplete information provided by traditional educational institutions has made the media and the public frightened of using it. The Food and Drug Administration is blind to its effectiveness.They call it pollution. Oxygen-ozone is super oxygen. It is not pollution. Ozone actually is the one thing in our atmosphere that purifies and cleanses the air. Ozone is the easiest thing to measure, but we should be happy it’s there because it scrubs and cleanses the air as it combines with the pollutants.


Ozone-oxygen therapy has been used in medicine for over 100 years. In 1890, Nikola Tesla patented the first ozone generator and started the Tesla Ozone Company. It was extensively used in medicine, and was first used in dentistry in 1930 by Swiss dentist Dr. E.A. Fisch.

In 1940 the AMA headed by Morris Fishbein set out to eliminate all medical treatment that competed with drug therapies. It continues to suppress ozone therapy. The FDA still says there are “no known medical uses” and that it is a “toxic gas”.  The FDA appears to be blind to the fact there are over 31,000 studies on PubMed discussing the effectiveness of ozone therapies. There are no states in the US where ozone cannot be used. The patient has the freedom of choice of therapy.  Ozone therapies are used by millions of people in Europe.

The real “problem” with ozone is it is a natural gas, and its use cannot be patented. It can’t generate “money” and because it is as effective as prescription drugs therapies, it is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

More Dental Uses For Oxygen-Ozone Therapies

Dental use of medical grade oxygen-ozone therapies would include ozone gas insufflation into periodontal pockets. Ozone trays can be fabricated for full arch gas for both periodontal disease and caries (decay) therapies. Ozone gas can desensitize sensitive teeth. Ozone water kills baceria and breaks down the volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath, and heals wounds heal faster. Dental unit water bottles filled with super oxygenated water used during ultrasonics, air polishing and drilling reduces bacterial aerosol contaminants and well as bacterial showers into the blood stream. Oxygen-ozone water keeps our waterlines free of biofilm and our dental office air healthier. Ozone oils can be used for prevention as well as healing during dental hygiene scaling or with fever blisters and cold sores. Twenty five percent of the time, these sores never reoccur! Waterlines in our dental units are free of biofilm and pathogens when oxygen-ozone water is used in the water bottles.

Quickpass waterline testing shows clean waterlines in our dental office

O2-O3 for the Win-Win

Oxygen-ozone is the best preventive tool as well, increasing the oxygen content of our mitochondria. The fundamental underlying cause behind all degenerative disease from diabetes to heart disease to cancer is decreased mitochondrial energy production. Ozone can often correct this problem.

Oxygen is Critical to the Health of our Cells

We owe it to our patients to remain curious, inquisitive and openminded to new or in this case, old treatments.  Our current system needs help as dental diseases affect almost 50% of the global population. Oxygen-Ozone therapies are the perfect addition to our current dental toolbox of therapies.  Ozone offers a painless, cost-effective way to treat our patients with no side effects. It can enhance every dental procedure we perform.

Dentistry would truly become minimally invasive and much more preventive if we would add oxygen-ozone therapies to our treatment protocols.

If you are a dental provider and want more information on oxygen-ozone therapy, please let me know. I look forward to sharing more wonders of oxygen-ozone therapy this summer at Endeavor Media’s Under One Roof Dental Hygiene Conference in Denver! It truly is a powerful healing tool and a dental health game changer!


Barbara Tritz BRDH, Certified in Oxygen-Ozone Therapy




Hello, I'm Barbara Tritz

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Loving science, especially biology, from an early age, Barbara is a registered dental hygienist, certified biological hygienist, and orofacial myofunctional therapist. In 2019, she received the Hu-Friedy/ADHA Master Clinician Award from the American Dental Hygienist Association.

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  1. Haley Hoelscher

    This sounds wonderful! Do you drink ozone water? If so, what do you use to make it? I’m thinking this would also be great for gut health!

    • Barbara Tritz

      Hello Haley,
      I do drink oxygen-ozone water about once a week. Because that kills all the bacteria, we don’t want to do it too often. Plus I would take a probiotic to repopulate with good bacteria.
      Glad you enjoyed the article!

  2. Naleni Tribble-agarwal

    Where can you take the class and where do you purchase the ozone for use in the dental office. Can RDH use it in California? Please advise

    • Barbara Tritz

      Hello Naleni,
      I see no reason why you couldn’t use oxygen-ozone in California. It is an antimicrobial. That’s covered under your state license practice act. I would recommend you take a course from Dr. Bob Harris and Dr. Griffin Cole- Here’s their website:
      And if your office wanted to host a course, they could make that happen sooner. Oxygen-ozone is AMAZING- it heals so fast and just makes all the difference in my practice.
      I will be speaking on this at RHD -UOR in Denver in July.
      Thanks for reaching out. If you have further questions, we can zoom.

      • nico kamosi

        Dear Barbara
        I am a UK-based periodontist and have been searching for a manufacturer to provide me with an ozone-producing device for dentistry.
        It seems everybody is giving a talk and course but no one is there to sell the device and support us :
        Please let me your thoughts

        Nico Kamosi

        • Barbara Tritz

          Hello Nico,
          I have contacted my biological dental friends in the UK and Europe. As soon as I hear back from them I will let you know. I will be part of a presentation in Manchester this June on Biological Dental Health, I hope you can join us. Oxygen-ozone therapy is amazing so I am hopeful we can find you a reputable company and reliable unit.

        • Barbara Tritz

          Hello Nico,
          Longevity Ozone generators now go under the company name Southern Star Scientific. They ship anywhere in the world (except Canada) so reach out to them.

          They produce the highest quality ozone generators.


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