Great Oral Health Tools:

Top-Notch Oral Health Tools Personally Tested and Approved!

“What should I use?” you ask. Well…

I use or have tried just about everything I recommend. Some products don’t directly apply to me, such as those for dry mouth, so I have gotten the best insight on which work and which don’t from patients. Still, I have tried them myself, though, because I don’t want to recommend any product that leaves my patients with a bad taste in their mouth – literally or figuratively!
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Great Oral Health Tools

Below are links to some of the products I recommend.



Eco-friendly toothbrushes, toothpastes, and floss. Made in the USA, too! At checkout, enter QueenofDentalHygiene for the promo code.


Extra soft brushes, which are great for sensitive teeth. Note: The softer the toothbrush, the more often it should be changed, so plan on changing Nimbus brushes monthly. They’re just that soft!

burst toothbrush


I especially love their child’s brush, as well as their membership and refill subscription plans. Save 20% on your first order!



This power toothbrush is gentle, EMF-free, and is a completely different way to brush. Its tufted head is great for those hard-to-clean braces and crown margins. At checkout, enter the promo code BARBARATRITZsave10% to save 10% on your order!

oculent toothbrush

Oralucent Light Therapy Toothbrush

This brush uses blue light to whiten teeth and protect gums. Start shopping via the link above and save 15% on your order!

tongue sweeper

Tongue Sweeper

No hygiene routine is complete without cleaning your tongue. There are lots of kinds of tongue scrapers, but the Tongue Sweeper is one I especially like. Let them know the Queen sent you and get 10% off your order: queensweep10

Slate Electric Dental Flosser

Slate Electric Dental Flosser

Place your order using the link below and get a 10% discount!



The most familiar brand of water flossers offers a variety of oral irrigators and other essential cleaning tools.

Hydro Floss

Hydro Floss

This top-of-the-line oral irrigator helps remove plaque from hard-to-reach places and reduces gingival inflammation.



With a focus on products to promote healthy gums, OraTec offers irrigators, as well as toothpastes and rinses.

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